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    • Virtual (clinical images and information is presented during the discussion portion of the conference)
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Survey Participation


CODE: Community Outreach & Dermatology Education


Melinda Riter, MD, PhD (503) 418-3376


Oregon Dermatology Society


You have been invited to be in this research study because you are a dermatologist, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, clinical university faculty member, or other medical provider who will be attending an upcoming CODE conference (also known as Morphology Conference) hosted by the Department of Dermatology at Oregon Health & Science University. The purpose of this study is to track participation in the CODE Conference and case load characteristics, look for trends that may help improve educational opportunities offered, and identify conditions that need further research and study. PROCEDURES: If you agree to participate in this study and attend the conference as a participant (non-presenter), you will be sent an online survey at 4 month intervals after study initiation. The survey will collect your general feedback about the conference, knowledge gained, and any professional connections you may have made. You will also have an opportunity to provide feedback about how we can improve the conference in the future. The survey is designed so that you may provide feedback for multiple conferences. This survey will take about 5 minutes to finish. You may receive a survey every four months if you attend multiple sessions of the conference. Additionally, information from your registration form will be used in this study. Information from your Registration Form and survey responses will be stored indefinitely in a repository and may be used for future research. If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding this study now or in the future, or you think you may have been injured or harmed by the study, contact Shannon Winchester at 503-494-1375 or


Although we have made every effort to protect your identity, there is a minimal risk of loss of confidentiality.


You will not benefit from being in this study. However, by serving as a subject, you may help us learn how to benefit patients in the future.


Although we have made every effort to maintain confidentiality, there is a small chance of breach of confidentiality. Will assign a code to you to label your study data. The code will not identify you in any way, and only the study staff will have access to the link that would identify you. Your study data will be stored at OHSU for analysis and in an OHSU repository for possible use in future research.


It will not cost you anything to participate in this study.


This research is being overseen by an Institutional Review Board (“IRB”). You may talk to the IRB at (503) 494-7887 or if:
  • Your questions, concerns, or complaints are not being answered by the research team.
  • You want to talk to someone besides the research team.
  • You have questions about your rights as a research subject.
  • You want to get more information or provide input about this research.
You may also submit a report to the OHSU Integrity Hotline online at or by calling toll-free (877) 733-8313 (anonymous and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

You do not have to join this or any research study. If you do join, and later change your mind, you may quit at any time. If you refuse to join or withdraw early from the study, there will be no penalty or loss of any benefits to which you are otherwise entitled.

The participation of OHSU students or employees in OHSU research is completely voluntary and you are free to choose not to serve as a research subject in this protocol for any reason. If you do elect to participate in this study, you may withdraw from the study at any time without affecting your relationship with OHSU, the investigator, the investigator’s department, or your grade in any course. If you would like to report a concern with regard to participation of OHSU students or employees in OHSU research, please call the OHSU Integrity Hotline at 1-877-733-8313 (toll free and anonymous).

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Morphology conference has been held regularly for many years. However, we have not had a durable system in place to track information on the types of cases presented, diagnoses discussed, demographics of patients, or the benefit of the discussion for learning or teaching value. We are asking that presenters and participants in the conference participate in a study so that we can track conference participation and case characteristics over time, look for trends that may help improve educational opportunities offered, and identify conditions that need further research and study.

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