Presenting a Patient

Thank you for your interest in presenting a patient at OHSU Morphology Conference!

  • Please download the Patient Information Packet. This packet contains:
    • Patient Welcome Letter. This letter can be given to your patient and includes information about what to expect at the CODE conference.
    • Form MR1470: “Authorization to use and disclose protected health information.”
      Patients of OHSU providers who are presented virtually will need to complete this form prior to the conference. Please upload the completed form as you register to present your case. For patients attending the conference live/in-person, they will be provided this form at OHSU Department of Dermatology. (*For non-OHSU patients, please follow your institutional guidelines for use of protected health information.)

To prepare your case presentation, please collect the following information for use in completing the case intake form:

  • Patient name, email, phone number, date of birth, pertinent case history. For OHSU patients you will also need their MRN and pathology acquisition number if they have had a biopsy.
  • For virtual patients: Please compile your clinical photographs into a PowerPoint presentation for upload.
  • For patients with pathology that is not at OHSU: Please obtain pathology report and slides for review. You may bring slides and a copy of the pathology report with you to conference or mail them to the attention of Shannon Winchester @ 3303 SW Bond Ave, CH16D, Portland, OR 97239.
  • Click HERE to go to the conference schedule and enter your case information.