These conferences are for educational purposes only. Participating in or bringing a patient to conference does not represent a therapeutic or medical relationship with any of the conference participants or organizers. Responsibility for patient care including medical decision-making resides solely with the presenting physician/provider. Review of biopsies and pathologic samples during the conference does not represent a consultation and is for educational purposes only.

All information presented at this conference is confidential. Protected health information (PHI) is secured in accordance with the policies of OHSU and HIPAA. Presenting physicians/providers agree to collect authorization to use and disclose PHI from their patient prior to the conference.

  • For OHSU dermatology providers, please complete "OHSU Authorization to Use and Disclose Protected Health Information". Live patients will be provided this form at OHSU, virtual patients should complete this form prior to the conference and the form should be uploaded in the Case Intake process.
  • For non-OHSU providers: please abide by your and your patient’s institution's rules and regulations for use and disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI).